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Massage Heating Recliner Chair with USB and Cup Holders (Blue)

Massage Heating Recliner Chair with USB and Cup Holders (Blue)

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  • Main Color: Blue
  • Main Material: Fabric
  • Filler: Foam Seat Plushness
  • Soft and Breathable Fabric
  • 8-Point Vibration+Heating
  • Large Side Pockets for Easy Storage
  • High Elastic Spring Bag for Free Shaking Function
  • Bread-Shaped Handrail for Soft Support Arm
  • 38-Degree Body Feel Heating for Enhanced Comfort
  • Five Massage Modes Available
  • Soft Backrest with High Cotton Filling Capacity
  • Adjustable Pull Loop Design for Easy Reclining
  • Extra Large Retractable Foot Pedal for Leg Relaxation

The .Recliner Chair combines the comfort of a traditional recliner with modern features to provide a luxurious relaxation experience. Its 8-point vibration and heating system target the neck, back, waist, and legs, offering multiple massage modes for personalized comfort.

The soft and breathable fabric is easy to care for and is complemented by a high elastic spring bag that allows for a gentle rocking motion. The bread-shaped handrail ensures soft support for your arms, while the large side pockets offer convenient storage.

With a 38-degree body feel heating function and a soft backrest filled with high-quality cotton, this recliner provides long-lasting comfort without deformation. The adjustable pull loop design and extra-large retractable foot pedal further enhance the ease of use and relaxation.

Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation with the .Recliner Chair Massage Heating Sofa, designed to elevate your leisure time at home.


Place of Origin #originPlace#
Main Color Blue
Main Material Fabric
Filler Foam
Seat Plushness Soft
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 34.30
Assembled Width (in.) 29.00
Assembled Height (in.) 40.20
Weight (lbs) 63.00

Product Features

  • Wired manual control, 8-point vibration+heating.
  • The sofa has large side pockets for easy storage.
  • fabric, antifouling and breathable, easy to take care of.
  • High elastic spring bag, free shaking function.
  • Bread-shaped handrail, soft support arm.


Massage heating
38-degree body feel heating on the back for more comfort. Eight massage points, neck, back, waist, and legs .Five massage modes are available.
Soft backrest
High cotton filling capacity, long-lasting without deformation.
Pull loop can lie down
Easy to operate and adjustable pull loop design
Side pockets
Side pockets for easy storage.
Extra large foot pedal
Retract the pedals and relax your legs.
The heating function is located at the waist of the chair. After the heating function is turned on for about 5 minutes, you can feel the heat. For safety reasons, we control the heating temperature at 38 ℃, so it may not be particularly obvious.Handbags, gloves and other accessories will be placed under the mat. Please check whether the accessories are complete when you receive the chair. If you can't find it.
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