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Ultimate Relaxation Recliner Chair with Rocking, Heating, and Adjustable Lounge

Ultimate Relaxation Recliner Chair with Rocking, Heating, and Adjustable Lounge

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Experience ultimate relaxation with the .Recliner Chair, designed to elevate your living room comfort.

Product Features:

  • Rocking Function: Enjoy a gentle rocking motion to soothe and unwind.
  • 8-Point Vibration and Heating: Embrace total relaxation with 8 massage points and heating feature.
  • Adjustable Lounge Chair: Customize your seating position for the ultimate leisure experience.
  • Convenient Design: Double cup holder, side pockets, and phone pocket for easy access and storage.

Dimensions & Weights:

  • Assembled Length: 29.00 inches
  • Assembled Width: 34.30 inches
  • Assembled Height: 39.80 inches
  • Weight: 79.36 lbs

The .Recliner Chair not only offers luxurious comfort but also provides thoughtful features for your convenience. Whether you seek relief from stress or desire a cozy spot for relaxation, this chair is designed to elevate your quality of life.


Place of Origin USA
Main Color Black
Main Material Polyester
Filler Foam
Seat Plushness Soft
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 29.00
Assembled Width (in.) 34.30
Assembled Height (in.) 39.80
Weight (lbs) 79.36

Product Features

  • Wired manual control, 8-point vibration+heating/wired manual control+USB charging function
  • Double cup holder design, more caring for your rest
  • Side pockets: Side storage pockets for easy magazine and remote control placement.
  • The 30 degree swing function provides a safe and warm "port" to help you eliminate stress and fatigue, so that you have a better quality of life.
  • Adjustable lounge chair: It is designed with adjustable function to provide the ultimate leisure experience.


Massage heating
38-degree body feel heating on the back for more comfort. Eight massage points, neck, back, waist, and legs .Five massage modes are available.
Soft backrest
High cotton filling capacity, long-lasting without deformation.
Double cup holder
Easy placement of cups
Phone pocket
Easy access to mobile phones
Side pockets
Side pockets for easy storage.
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